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You, as a professional, need specialized career services because your investment in your education, training, professional identity, and your self-esteem present unique challenges (and obstacles) to your career development. Consequently, you need time-tested tools and field-tested techniques to be able to say: "My career is a worthy expression of my life...who I am."

Our online career services for professionals begin with an initial consultation to determine your career needs, and to develop your own "theory of career victory" -- a customized master plan designed to help you achieve a career that is truly a worthy expression of who you are. The resulting diagnosis allows you to understand how much of each of the three phases you will need, and thus how much time, energy, and financial resources you would invest to go forward. The three phases are:

1. Assessment, (who am I?)

2. Options Exploration Research, (what's out there?)

3. Implementation (how do I get the job?)

The intersection of all three, as in the Venn diagram above, results in a soft, safe, and successful "landing" in your new job or career: Career Well-Being.

We guarantee confidentiality, integrity, and dignity to all of our clients.

We call upon our experience since 1980 helping thousands of professionals achieve rapid employment in satisfying careers. We use our inventory of career strategies. We schedule timely implementation of these strategies, based upon your timetable and resources. We assist you in every step of the way -- until you attain the position you want that fits who you are. Testimonials


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