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We divide the process of "contemplating a career transition" into three phases.
Phase I | Phase II | Phase III

This is Phase III.

After the first phase of our career transition program, Assessment, you will have identified a range of desirable career options that make sense for you, given who you are: your likes and dislikes, your preferences, your most enjoyable skills.

After the second phase of this process, you will have determined whether real positions exist now that are compatible with your options -- and especially whether your preferences might be compatible or harmonious with what exists.

In this third phase, Implementation, you will want to know "How will you get to where you'd like to be?" "How will you organize a campaign?" "When will you send letters or resumes (not effective if you are changing career directions) and when will you use one page bios (more effective and dignified than resumes)". "How will you alter or continue information-gathering interviews?" "How will you prepare and rehearse for job interviews?" "How will you see yourself as the interviewer sees you in the actual job interview?" "What questions will you be prepared to answer?" "To ask?"

The end result will be a safe and soft landing in a job or career that makes sense given what's out (Phase II) there consistent with what your most enjoyable skills and who you are (Phase I), and how you implement these results to get where you want to be.

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