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Questions to ask any career counselor...and our answers

  • What is your program? Click here to find out how we work

  • What types of professionals do you normally help? How many credentialed professionals have you helped over what time period? What type of opportunities have they landed?

      We work with high-functioning professionals, like lawyers, physicians, scientists, engineers, executives and MBA graduates. Since 1980, we have helped over 2000 highly credentialed individuals. Since each individual has a unique dream job, it is not easy to generalize; however, the methods we use work for all of them.
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  • Who will be doing the counseling, and how long has that person been doing it? What characeristics does that person have that suggest competence, empathy, practical know how, wisdom, and emotional intelligence? Please see our credentials.

  • Can I sample or "test-drive" your services with the person who would be helping me, to see if the chemistry is right? Yes you can. Please try our free "test drive".

  • What is the cost of your services? Please see our fees section in how we work.

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