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How do you know if you need or can benefit from career coaching?

  • When you've tried to alter your career and haven't succeeded, you may accelerate your progress using an expert in the career problems of high-functioning professionals to circumvent the obstacles and overcome the speed-bumps you encounter.

  • When you cannot think of feasible alternate career options, you may need a group of specialized preference tests that "objectify" your most enjoyable and transferable skills, interests, needs, values, and preferences.

  • When you have too many career options, but cannot decide which ones to explore further.

  • When you need a seasoned listener to act as a sounding board for your ideas and possibilities.

  • When your own perceptions and thoughts create a world of their own making, thereby fooling you into thinking you cannot change careers or jobs.

  • When your career or job becomes rote and routinized, and your career thoughts are doctrinaire and a 'reflex' -- instead of an anticipated satisfaction.
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